4 Ways to Stay Ahead in Recruitment

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Looking for top talent for your Brentwood business can be pretty challenging these days, especially when it seems as if the majority of high performers are already happily employed elsewhere. This is why it is crucial to attract the kind of rare individuals that will benefit your business, and contribute to its success. A number of strategies are required to target those who are settled into their role, and get their attention and interest including:-

Be clear about the package offered

Some employers will describe salaries as ‘competitive’, which can sometimes put people off. Even where the remuneration package is good, the term ‘competitive’ is often taken to mean ‘as little as we can get away with paying’! Explain what your company does to the candidates, tell them about the company vision and how their role can help in that. Avoid generic terms in the description like ‘strong corporate culture’, as these are a little vague.

Nurture young talent

It’s a really good idea to identify top performing employees early in their careers, recruiting and mentoring them, and usually loyalty will follow. You need people who come to care about your business and their colleagues. Routes to pursue include contacting local colleges and universities as well as visiting jobs fairs. Top performers have to start somewhere, but many businesses do not take advantage of this avenue, leading to missed opportunities.

Offer flexible interview times

Desirable staff are frequently at work when interviews are held, which is why it pays to take this on board and become flexible with times. Lunch hour or after work interviews are helpful and convenient, or even initial communications via Skype should be considered.

Invest in staff

It’s not all about money, there are a number of additional ways to accelerate the attractiveness of joining your business in Brentwood. These include advantages such as flexible working hours, training budgets, and various other long term incentives, maybe even a beautiful work space which will give your business the edge.

Recruiting top talent can be frustrating and time consuming, so why not let the skilled team of professionals at Redex Recruitment do all the hard work!

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