6 Reasons to use a Recruitment Agency

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Most of us want a lifestyle that is full of fun and fulfillment, a nice place to live, great friends, fine car, enjoyable work life and wonderful down time. The generally accepted way to achieve this is by working, but finding a perfect career fit is not always easy. This is why a helping hand in the form of a recruitment agency is appreciated by many. There are several reasons why businesses choose to access recruitment agencies also, including:-

1. The Best Candidates for the Job

Using a recruitment agency means that you will experience the benefit of high caliber candidates. Agencies know how to attract dedicated career seekers, who have a lot to offer potential employers.

2. Time Saving

Most of the work is done for you by a recruitment agency, speeding up the process and allowing you to concentrate on business. They generally have extensive experience of what is needed for each industry, efficiently screening, filtering and profiling.

3. Custom Fit

These specialists are knowledgeable within the field, and consequently are able to target individuals who match your specific requirements. They keep databases of promising candidates and can identify fully qualified individuals. They will also manage the recruitment process, rejecting candidates that are unsuitable and dealing with role queries.

4. Range of Services

Some agencies offer additional services within their recruitment package, such as psychometric tests. These tests give an insight into potential candidates, yet can be expensive and time consuming to source independently.

5. Temps

Temporary candidates needed for holiday cover or seasonal work, are no problem for these agencies. They offer a fast and hassle free service to busy companies, placing quality staff in no time.

6. Help and Advice

Recruitment agencies are also usually on hand to advise about correct salary rates for particular positions, by accessing local market knowledge and salary data. Call Redex Recruitment on 01245 860511

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