Finding a New Job in Chelmsford & Wickford

Improved Job Opportunities in Chelmsford & Wickford

If you are lucky enough to have a high-demand career, you may be happy to stay put, but if you wish to move on to pastures new in places like Chelmsford or Wickford you may need a strategy. It can be challenging to find your perfect role, and many have become frustrated and given up. However to achieve success, it’s important to remain focussed and be proactive and persistent. There is quite a lot of advice around for finding and securing a new job, Here are some top tips :-

Have a clear idea of what you are looking for

Think about what you feel are your particular strengths and weaknesses, and the work you enjoy. If you are confident that a certain type of job would suit you, you will be much happier doing it on a daily basis. Also consider your main motivation for working, is it money, title, the type of work, company philosophy, location or promotional prospects?

Research Companies of Interest

Having decided what you are aiming for, discover what this type of company is looking for in an employee. Find out via Google, company forums etc what kind of questions they are likely to ask. Notice what kind of skills and achievements they require for each position, and consider if your experience and qualifications match up.

Hobbies can be important

Your hobbies can say a lot about you, which is why prospective employers like to ask about them. If you read a lot you appear studious and intelligent, if you make art or crafts you may possess patience and dexterity, physically active people portray an employee who will probably be pretty fit and healthy and not take many days off with sickness. Somebody who does runs for charity or contributes in other ways will often be considered the right type of person for the company.

Create an Online Presence

If you don’t already have one, it can help to create a professional profile on Linkedln, as many recruiters can search and find you there. It is also a useful networking resource, allowing you to connect with others in a similar role to the one you would like. People either online or in person are often the key to employment success, as there are then many eyes and ears working on your behalf. These people are happy to recommend you to an employer too, and employers are usually grateful for this.

Record your progress

Some organised people develop a system of recording their job search information such as completing a simple spreadsheet. This is a good way to keep track of which positions you have applied for, been interviewed for etc.

Employer Interview Questions & Answers, Chelmsford & Wickford, Essex

Make sure you seek work in a variety of ways other than just online, as this may limit your choice. A direct approach such as calling and enquiring can often be fruitful, especially if you make the right contacts. Take the time to develop a few interview stories that showcase your skills and achievements, remember It’s good to be memorable [for the right reasons!] Research questions commonly asked at interviews, form and practice your planned responses, you can go over them with a friend for the best results.

Finally, it is important to stay positive and focussed. If you are not currently in work, you may also think about voluntary work. This demonstrates a positive mindset and helps to plug a gap in your CV. You may also want to get some professional help and advice from a reputable recruitment agency.

Improved Job Opportunities for Candidates in Chelmsford & Wickford, Research Companies of Interest. Create an Online Presence, Employer Interview Questions & Answers, Chelmsford & Wickford, Essex

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