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It’s generally accepted that humans are creatures of habit, and like to feel safe and secure doing what they’ve always done. The popular phrase ‘Better the Devil you Know’, says it all, and explains why many people stay in the same job for years. If you are already in your dream job, happy days, but more often than not many simply find the thought of moving onward and upward too much of a challenge and risk.

There are so many opportunities to improve your work life or pay packet, that are missed or disregarded for these reasons. How many people do you hear saying they will only stay in their present job another year, and how many years have they been saying it?

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People in areas like Chelmsford and Braintree justify their lack of action by telling themselves they are staying in their present job as:-

  • They get on well with their work colleagues
  • Things will probably change
  • There is a lot going on in their personal life at the moment
  • Something may go wrong and they will end up out of work
  • They may fail and feel bad about trying

….and a myriad of other reasons to not take action including ‘the coffee’s not bad’.
Changing your job every three to five years can have enormous benefits not only financially, but personally. Learning new skills and accepting different challenges keeps you stimulated, and strengthens your sense of self. It will force you to assess your present position, level of satisfaction and achievement.

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Advantages to changing your job role include the ability to find a better fit, leading to a happier more positive outlook. People who change jobs regularly learn to identify healthy versus toxic workplaces, you gain a wider network of contacts, and you also get better at branding yourself.

Times have changed since the old days when a job was secured immediately on leaving school or uni, and there you remained until you received your handshake and carriage clock. Moving around between companies every few years, allows you to pick up new skills, and grasp procedures and protocols, you can practice new strategies and there is less time for insider politics. Meeting new people and learning to collaborate has healthy and productive results.

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Specialists like the team at Redex Recruitment Agency are eager to assist anybody in Essex in places like Chelmsford or Braintree, to fulfil their ultimate goals. We offer an extremely tailored, customer focussed service to meet candidate needs. We will carefully listen to your career dreams and aspirations, in order to help in every way possible. Whether it’s professional career advice, help writing CV’s, guidance on interview techniques or role play, we can help.

Redex Recruitment has an enviable reputation for a high number of successful placements, partly as a consequence of strong bonds with leading companies across a broad spectrum of industries. We also believe in giving comprehensive and honest feedback about performance, and where there may be room for improvement. This of course leads to greater satisfaction for both candidates and clients alike.

Professional Recruitment Company in Chelmsford & Braintree, Recruitment Agency, Finding a Better Job, Vacancies in Chelmsford & Braintree. Candidate Services, Employability, Essex, Get a New Job in Accountancy, Business Support or Human Resources, Chelmsford. Career Advice, Interview Techniques & Role Play, Braintree.

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