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Most employers are aware of the importance of getting it right when it comes to hiring staff, in order to avoid problems down the line. Talented and dedicated individuals with a good work ethic are what successful employers in places like Romford and Brentwood look for. But how easy are they to come by?

The quality of staff is crucial to all aspects of your business, and should be a priority, as the wrong choices can hold back the growth and development of any business. Employees at every level need to represent an asset to the company, whether they are face to face with customers or working behind the scenes. This is frequently overlooked by some companies, which could result in: –

  • Expense due to constantly having to recruit replacement workers
  • Legal complications and payroll issues
  • Cost and inconvenience of re-training
  • Pressure on the managers
  • Various levels of disruption
  • Negative affect on customer service
  • Produces uncertainty and lowers morale amongst the existing workforce

Tailored Staffing Services for Warehouse & Logistics Businesses

Increased staff turnover is not great for appearances either, and may give the impression of bad judgement and disorganisation. It is in the interests of the business owner to look into the reasons behind this type of scenario, and to research recovery strategies.

When it comes to searching for employees, it can be extremely tempting to take somebody on who would not be your first choice. Especially true if you are short staffed, or just under pressure to fill the vacancy. This can be a big mistake and one that you may regret before long. It is more cost effective to find the right person for the job without compromising, even if you have to pay a higher salary than you intended. An attractive and competitive remuneration package will ensure applications from higher achievers in the jobs market. Performance related bonuses are also a good idea if possible, in order to keep top rated employees and encourage incentive.

Recruitment Agencies Offer an Effective Hiring Experience in Brentwood

Sifting through applications for suitable candidates is extremely time consuming, which is why many employers use a recruitment agency like Redex Recruitment. Sometimes there is just one job available and an overwhelming amount of applicants. Good recruiting agencies are experts at finding the perfect candidate for a range of jobs. Their services are in demand and this need is expected to increase as :-

  • Figures show that there were 1.38 million people unemployed between August and October 2018, 20,000 more than in the previous quarter.
  • UK recruiting agencies grew by around 10% in 2017 – 18.
  • 72% of employers state that they have difficulty sourcing suitably skilled candidates and that there is a shortage of talent.
  • A negative hiring and selection experience can impact a company, as 60% of candidates say this would deter them from buying from the company.

Recruit Employees & Build Positive Working Relationships

Surveys indicate strongly that being appreciated and valued is even more important to employees than money. Once you have found amazing employees, encourage them to stay by including them in the company vision, emphasise the part they play and how they could benefit. Regular feedback is a must, preferably positive, indicating their strengths and also areas which could be improved. Make sure they have your ear, in case there are difficulties or things they are unsure about. Regular staff meetings are a great idea in order to go over project progress, give feedback and raise questions, giving everyone a voice.

The team at Redex Recruitment can assist with all of your recruitment needs, and have a history of supporting clients throughout the recruitment process, and gaining outstanding results. A fully customised service means a perfect outcome for you, along with a completely stress free experience. Our ability to build a relationship with each client, gives us a unique perspective, and sets us apart from other recruiters.

Recruitment Agency in Romford & Brentwood, Bespoke Staff Recruitment, High Performers in Romford, Essex. Tailored Staffing Services for Warehouse & Logistics Businesses, Filling Vacancies within Accountancy & Financial Sectors, Brentwood. Recruit Employees & Build Positive Working Relationships.

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