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Recruiting the right candidate can be a bit of a minefield for employers, especially as it is extremely time consuming. The jobs market is pretty competitive, and each candidate has to present their very best side. It’s then up to the employer to decide who is the most likely to live up to the hype. Not an easy task, and one that can lead to uncomfortable situations if mistakes are made, and the wrong person is chosen. People can seem to be the exact person you are looking for on paper or at interview.

Some interviewees who have an in depth knowledge of their product or service can come across exceptionally well, yet are no good at managing. Although the position involves managing, and their CV suggests they have experience. In this candidate driven market, many companies turn to recruitment agencies like Redex Recruitment to alleviate some of the stress.

There are a large number of benefits to using a recruitment agency, some of which include a faster hiring process. Time is of the essence for many businesses, and this is one area where hiring an agency pays dividends for all parties. A good recruitment agency will have a pool of excellent candidates available who are just the right fit. An employer can access high quality employees much faster. A lot of companies also do not have their own in-house recruiting staff, and lack the expertise to choose well. A professional and effective process is offered by most recruitment agencies, which also looks good for the business and elevates it’s status.

Recruitment agencies are a popular choice for those that have busy work lives and want a job well done to the highest standards. We can help you to find high quality staff to fill your positions in places like Romford and Brentwood, call us on 01245 860511


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